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[Honestly, Krillin has had better days. He’s had worse ones too, but he’s definitely had better. Waking up in the middle of the town square at dawn isn’t really his ideal way to start his day, but as he picks himself up and pats himself down he basically counts his blessings that he’s not dead. He may be sore and hurting all over…but he’s not dead.

Always a plus.

Running his hands along his head though, something feels different. Something feels…very…different. It’s…fuzzy. And silky soft!]

Seriously? All that? Just to give me back my hair? [He chuckles to himself and runs a hand through his wonderful, black mane.] Man those guys are weird

[With that, Krillin sets about putting his life back together after the kidnapping. Or something. First comes clothes, so he’ll stop by the clothing shop. Then home for a shower, out for food, and then just relaxing. The usual stuff…except unknown to him…everywhere he goes, little bits of his hair spring out and scuttle off, growing in size and fluffiness in a matter of moments. Passersby may find themselves being leaped upon and grabbed by random follicles of doom that divebomb people from ceilings, or hair tripwires in doorways, or maybe just sliding up your leg as you enjoy your morning coffee. Now, as soon as Krillin leaves a building, the animated locks simply vanish though, because the Malnosso wouldn’t want him to not get blamed for it, would they?

Of course not.]

Later on though, when he figures it out, Krillin puts out a voice call from his apartment, where he’s sequestered himself…]


Does anyone know a barber? Or...someone who’s got a weedwacker or magical sword or something really sharp. I’m having a bit of a problem here and I could really use some help…

[And with that done, he clicks it off.]

[OOC: Krillin is back from his first kidnapping, with his hair! He’ll be keeping it afterwards, so that would be why his icons are all swapped around now!]
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[People who happen to be making use of the Hot Springs might take note that there's a stranger in their midst. A short, bald man with six little dots on his forehead is laying down and sleeping on one of the deck-chairs near the edge of the tub. He's dressed, at least, but that doesn't change the fact that he's just there, dozing away with a journal for a pillow. Occasionally he lets out a little sigh of contentment, mumbling to himself in his sleep and seemingly oblivious to the world around him.

After a while, he does wake up though, and looks around, completely lost. In his flailing he notices the journal he's been laying on and grabs it up.]

Huh? What...? Well how the heck did I end up in a hot spring? And...what's with this thing? Oh man I hope that blinking light doesn't mean it's gonna explode or something. That'd be just my luck...

[There's the sound of random buttons being pressed and the picture flickers a few times before Krillin realizes that the blinking light means that it is, in fact, recording. He sounds immediately apologetic, and just starts speaking normally, if somewhat formally.]

Uh...sorry about that. My name's Krillin and ah-hehehe I don't know who's Capsulepad this is, but I found it and I wanna return it. The book model is really cool, I didn't even know they made them, but I'm not a thief. If you can hear this, then let me know where you are and I'll return it right away. Only, I guess it'd be great if you could give me some directions too.

[Later, after he's finally departed and begun to poke around his new surroundings, Krillin makes a beeline for town, whizzing along through the chilly air and cursing his luck. It's cold, and his clothes are freaking gone, and he of course missed the teleporter. Once he finds and swipes some clothes, he'll start poking his head around trying to find out where he can get some food and more information. So, expect him to turn up in the Item Shop, Bakery, and Welcome Center.]

[OOC: Please feel free to break time on the action portions of the thread! It's more fun that way.]
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This thread is for IC Appointments. If you need to reach Krillin for anything, feel free to leave a message here.

Timestamps, such as "Date/Time/Type of Action" would be great!
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This post is for people that need to get in touch with me, Ax. This would also be where you can post CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE for Krillin.

If you need to reach me personally:

AIM: Tuldawen (I leave this up most of the time, just leave a message and I will get back to you)

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Anonymous Commenting is: On
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[ OOC ]

Backtagging: Yes Please
Threadjacking: Sure, just let me know!
Fourth-Walling: Sure, that's fine!
Preferred method of contact: Plurk/AIM

[ IC ]
Hugging: Sure!
Kissing: Um...okay?
Smut: Proooobably not
Fighting: Definitely! But Krillin isn't a pushover
Injuries: Talk to me!
Killing: Talk to me!

[ Super Powers ]

Okay, so Krillin is a Dragonball character. That means he's from a canon that's basically full of bullshit super powers. While he's not a Super Saiyan, he's still the strongest human alive, and that's saying something. If you'd rather I avoid tagging you with Krillin, just let me know. And of course, I'll always talk to people if there's a fight possibly breaking out.


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